Marian Hossa’s career seems to be over.

The Chicago Blackhawks end told the Slovak publication Novy Cas, “I will not play hockey anymore,” in an interview published on Saturday.

Hossa, 39, played 19 seasons in the NHL with the Blackhawks, Ottawa Senators, Atlanta Thrashers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings and won three Stanley Cups.

Last June, Hossa revealed that he had a progressive skin disorder and that he was dealing with the side effects of a medication he was taking to treat it. The Blackhawks placed Hossa in a long-term injury reserve on October 4, and missed the entire 2017-18 season. Continue reading “Marian Hossa tells Slovakian paper ‘I will not play hockey anymore’”


We talked a lot about what went wrong during the Chicago Blackhawks 2017-18 season. When we start bringing in this season a call for disembarkation, it’s time to focus on several aspects of the season that have exceeded expectations. And there’s no better place to start than the player who started the season in his teens and finished it as the team’s top scorer.

Although it did not start. DeBrincat had only one goal and four assists in his first 12 games during October, calling for a second round (39th place) in 2016 in the NHL draft to get a downgrade in the AHL rating. Continue reading “Alex DeBrincat’s dazzling debut season”

The Chicago “Blackhawks” striker Marian Hossa deserves to be in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

On Saturday, May 19, forward Chicago Blackhawks Marian Hossa announced his unsuccessful exit from the NHL. He developed an allergy to his hockey equipment, and he did not improve in a year. This makes Hossa behave in an offhand manner.

Quietly, he collected a rather brief resume. However, does Hossa deserve to be in the Hockey Hall of Fame one day? He was undoubtedly a great player. But was he at the level of the other best players of all time? Let’s evaluate his Hall of Fame.

Continue reading “Evaluating Marian Hossa’s Hall of Fame case”


When the Chicago Blackhawks traded Ryan Hartman in Nashville during the application period for the NHL, most fans focused on the fact that the Nashville Predators gave Hawks their first round in the upcoming project.

In the short term, however, it seems that we should pay attention to the actual player Hawkeye purchased from Predators: Victor Eidzella. Continue reading “Blackhawks prospect Ejdsell shines as IceHogs take 3-0”


The 144th Kentucky Derby is Saturday, and every year it is filled with big hats, mint julep and interesting horse names. The last, of course, why we are here.

Calling a horse for America’s greatest race or even a difficult task. But we have a solution: name the horse with the theme of the Chicago Blackhawks. We know that the former Blackhawks player and current television analyst Eddie Olczyk would agree that this is a good idea.

The publication time for the big event is 5:46. Saturday. The race will be broadcast on NBC television with coverage starting at 1:30 pm, and also with an earlier cover (from 11:00 to 13:30) by NBCSN. Online streaming is available through NBC Sports Live Extra.

Of course, it is obvious that the aliases of the players are selected from: Stosh, The Golden Jet, Tazer, Kaner and Showtime, Sharpy, Mr. Goalie and Cousin Vinnie, to name a few. And if puns are the name of the game, that is Mare-ian Horsa.


What is the most significant loss for the Blackhawks in the three seasons since their last Stanley Cup championship?

Forget about the postseason players and series, or even postseason posts that they could not win this year for the first time in a decade.

Combined with the fact that there are fewer households with TV in this market, that represents a loss of 71,708 local households, according to Nielsen’s estimates.

The Blackhawks averaged 149,521 homes watching their games in what was then called CSN in 2014-15, but only 77,873 had the games in the NBCSCH rechurn this season.

Those numbers do not count the games chosen for national television or WGN-9. But as a point of reference for the interest of the audience and the trends of the audience, it is not pretty.

The Blackhawks are still a big attraction at the United Center, and they continue to lead the league in average at-home assistance. This season averaged 21,654, which is 109.8 percent of seating capacity, also tops the NHL.

In addition, even in decline, the Blackhawks still have more homes seeing them in their local regional sports network than any other team in the American NHL. Continue reading “Chicago Blackhawks Playoff Connections: Five Make Second Round”

chicago blackhawks

Filed under the category of “things that probably will not surprise”, the Chicago Blackhawks television ratings plummeted during the NHL season 2017-18, as they missed the Stanley Cup playoffs for the first time in a decade.

On Twitter, Sports Network correspondent Rick Westhead, who cited data from the SportsBusiness Daily, assessed the decline in TV ratings: Blackhawks had the second-largest drop in TV ratings from the 2016-17 season, down 29 percent. Only a 36 percent drop in the New York Rangers was more.

Most of the other information provided by this data is not too surprising. Nashville Predators, one of the team’s growing franchises, saw the biggest growth in the audience, jumping by 163 percent over the previous season. Traditional hockey markets, such as Pittsburgh, Buffalo and St. Louis, remained high on the list of markets with the largest number of spectators, while some of the less developed hockey markets, such as Arizona and Florida, were at the bottom.

The trend towards a downward trend in games for Blackhawks has been going on for three years. According to this article from Crain, which came out at the end of the regular season of 2016-1917, viewers who watched Blackhawks hockey in NBC Sports Chicago lost 23 percent during the two seasons following the season in the 2014-15 season. The decline in viewers in the 2016-17 season was partly due to the attention paid to the Chicago Cubs during their World Series in 2016, and the numbers improved in the following months of the regular season after the MLB Matches ended.

But the Blackhawks did not match the maximum numbers set during the shutdown-shortened season of 2012-13, when they caught the attention of the entire sports world, going 21-0-3 in the first half of the 48-game season.

blackhawks icehogs

Rockford IceHogs, a branch of the AHL Chicago Blackhawks, defeated the Chicago wolves 5-2 on Sunday and now topped the best of five series 2-0
Happy Monday, Chicago fans of Blackhawks. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I never thought I’d say that, but Rockford IceHogs fill the void of the playoff hockey in Chicago for the Blackhawks. Having already won their first game in the playoffs on the road, IceHogs took care of the business at home on Sunday, defeating the Chicago wolves 5-2. Five different players scored a goal, including Matthew Highmore, William Pelletier, Chris Didomenico and Luke Johnson. Goalkeeper Colin Delia stopped 28/30 shots to win his second game in the playoffs.

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After the game, head coach Jeremy Colleyton praised Delia, but said the team could become more secure. It is interesting that the behavior of Coliton, whether the team is blown up or wins in the playoffs, is generally the same. He always feels that the team can improve and is never too emotional. Here is an interview with the game console Colliton.

In the game in the game was the head coach of Blackhawks Joel Quenneville and GM Stan Bowman, among other employees of the Blackhawks front office. The Hawks have several perspectives in the AHL, including the newly acquired center of Victor Eidzella, who had two shows in the Sunday game. Strikers Matthew Highmore and Anthony Luis head IceHogs in points in the regular meetings season, which also had a point every Sunday.

Finalists Calder Trophy were announced on Sunday, which included New York Islanders striker Matthew Barzal, Vancouver Canucks striker Brock Bozer and Arizona Coyotes ahead Clayton Keller. It is expected that Barzal will win the award when Bozer gets injured at the end of the season. But Blackhawks forawrd Alex DeBrincat, of course, deserves an honorable mention. Leading Chicago Blackhawks in goals with 28, DeBrincat had an excellent season of newcomers, which surpassed many of our expectations.

Former Blackhawks striker Ryan Hartman had some problems in the series against the avalanche. He was a healthy scratch for Sunday’s predators in Denver.

And, finally, the prospect of Blackhawks Enri Jokiyarju turns heads into the games of Carlson Hockey Games with the team Finland. He hopes to put a place in the Finnish national team for the World Cup next month.

Former journalist Bob Verdi and the Tribune tennis author acquired the Elmer Ferguson Funeral Prize as part of his introduction to the Area of the composing side of Popularity tennis Thursday evening. The Elmer Ferguson is granted for quality in literature tennis, and it’s a well well earned respect for a man who has chronicled many Hawks groups have not proven quality in tennis action .

So this results in the Holds as the top activities wear Chicago with a long area tournament futility and with wonks conscious of things now, it seems they will be uncatchable unless they seek the services of another advisor Theo Epstein suggests.

Email Various meats Fitzmaurice: “How much did the town of Chicago, il ferocity? They have a celebration path where two-storey vehicles generate and there is a line operating through the road and Bob Ross is nearly decapitated. The only success celebration in record when a gamer was murdered in it. ”

When Artem Anisimov was in second quality, a tennis instructor exposed up at his school looking to employ a few kids.

But instead of developing your kids lace up skates, the instructor had them execute alternative pursuits like basketball and observed how they interacted.

Were your kids looking to catch every taken, or did they look to shift at the right times?

That instructor preferred kids who exposed features of being an outstanding group partner as well as those who were coachable.

In a number of about 50, Anisimov was one of three who were chosen.

“I come back and tell my moms and dads and they say, ‘Why not? Try it out.’ ” Anisimov said.

Twenty years later, a increasing, un-selfish Anisimov keeps on to improve his action, help his associates and make the Chicago, il, il Blackhawks better every day.

Where did he go?

Fans who conform to the Hawks properly know Anisimov had a pretty uncommon 2015-16 technique.

During the times first few a few several weeks, Anisimov was on top of the world while — somewhat quietly — concentrating the league’s most well-known variety in tennis.

He did everything asked for of him, from the dirty execute before the net, to offering Artemi Panarin and Various meats Kane, to effective ever-important board battles that led to wide variety examining opportunities.

The result was an outstanding first 40 actions in which he was on rate for a 30-goal year.

Around that interval, though, a muscular in Anisimov’s right-hand started frustrating him, and he battled in the times partner, examining just 5 objectives.

“It was sometimes agonizing, sometimes not,” Anisimov said. “At the end of the year during this years 2010 playoffs, it was agonizing a lot. Tried to record it, but it (pain) always came up.”

Surgery was an in-season option but your option was to obstruct until after the postseason.

“It actually have helped summer season season year,” Anisimov said. “I did not get my keep until Aug. It’s retrieved definitely. It’s amazing.”

Hawks lovers are not going to see Anisimov inquired very often, if for no other objective than it can be unknown his heavy, European function. When you first meet him, Anisimov can seem quiet and organized.

But his associates color a different picture.

“You know what? He’s really an outstanding personal,” Kane said. “I think he’s one of people that’s always relaxed and comfy and at once he’ll type of surprise you with a viewpoint here or there that’s really insane.

“He’s just an outstanding guy and an outstanding group partner, too.”

Anisimov’s not sure where he got his humorousness. He said he “loves to smile and for developing other people smile.”

One of the most famous aspects lovers are pleasant this a few several weeks are seeing Anisimov execute like a man managed, examining objectives when the Hawks need them the most.

Imagine if the 6-foot-4, 201-pound center was muddling along and did not …

• Give the Hawks a 5-4 cause against the Catalogues on Oct. 18 after Chicago had stormed coming back from a 4-0 absence.

• Score the first of 2 late objectives against Greater four times later in a great 5-4 shootout success.

• Score the an extended period champ against New Clothing on Oct. 28.

• Break a 1-1 tie against Calgary on Nov. 1 with a power-play objective off a perfect feed from Kane.

• Give the Hawks a 3-2 third-period cause against Features on End of the week by banging in a restoration off a taken by Jonathan Toews.

Those are 5 important third-period or OT objectives in actions that easily could have gone either way. Without them, the 9-3-1 Hawks could be 7-5-1 … or more extreme.

“He should get credit rating for how he has approached the year (and) how he has gotten off to an effective begin,” Hawks instructor Fergie Quenneville said. “He acquired some big objectives and appropriate objectives for us as well.”

Said Kane: “You look at some of his objectives this year, he’s got a lot of patience, a lot of poise on different works. You can’t really say that about many players in the group where maybe they’ll just get out into the goalie. He’s taking the puck out, getting level and putting it in the net.”

Not all aspects of Anisimov’s action is most effective, of course, as he has had quite an overwhelming time over his profession in the faceoff group. This year got off to a particularly extreme begin as Anisimov won just 35 % of his faceoffs in the first seven actions.

So he has put in an extended interval at work out, dealing with expert Yanic Perreault. About 2 a few several weeks ago during one such interval at Johnny’s IceHouse European, Perreault reduced about five pucks in a row and the results was the same: whiff, miss, whiff, miss, whiff.

I’ve published before that I do not pay much interest to the NHL rankings until Christmas because that’s when most groups have performed 20 actions and the marking has typically recognized about 75 % of groups that will make this years playoffs.

It is a technique from the old school when we had only objectives for, objectives against, and more-less.

The believed of the new school includes analytics, and I did not know if I should prevent my sight in the same way when it comes to the research of puck ownership.

Anisimov just could not get when down. After an opportunity and a bit of coaching from Perreault, aspects improved.

That execute has paid advantages, too, as Anisimov actually won 9 of 12 faceoffs against Calgary on Nov. 1. He has won 50 % overall in the last six actions.

After Kane helped improve Anisimov’s aspect capability to eight by assisting on that power-play objective against Calgary, I asked for Kane if he was involved about the big European breaking his team-record 26-game capability from last year.

After a fulfilling have a good have a good laugh, a pleasant Kane said: “I know, I must not have accepted him that one. I’ve got to begin with with considering that on the power execute, right?”

All kidding aside, Anisimov’s eye-popping execute is no fluke. If he continues to be in better health and confident, who knows what’s possible?

Right now, Anisimov delivers the group with 8 objectives and 17 aspects and has since extended that interval capability to 11 actions.

He figures to gradually down previously or later, but he’s on rate for an enormous 50 objectives and 107 aspects, which would attack away his profession mountains of 22 and 44, respectively.

“It’s best to see (this) success out of him because we’ll need him to be sure, especially as the year goes on and we way of 2010 2010 playoffs,” Kane said. “We’re going to need him.”

Just as they’ve needed him during previously going.

Last year Blackhawks gm Stan Bowman said he did not think twice to sign Anisimov to a five-year, $22.5 million contract because it’s awfully hard to get a 6-4 center who is an outstanding skater, outstanding passer, outstanding capturing and an outstanding opponent.

And, just as a instructor in Spain found two years coming back, an outstanding group partner.

Too late. I viewed the two. I do not have self-discipline. Contact me Raffi Rosenbloom. Anyway, I like the record Blackhawks. Their research, not so much.

After ruining an overdue cause in the third interval, then reviewing in the last moment of additional time against the celebrities on End of the week, the Hawks skated with 19 factors, linked for most in the European Meeting. The potential of expansion Marian Hossa also forced the Hawks to 8-1-1 in their last 10 go hanging around this evening against wicked Doldrums in St. Louis.

But here’s the thing: in their best course of the year, their five-on-five Corsi For the share is under 50 %, according

The Hawks fall more likely to ranking greater threat than they get, but they are outscoring competitors 18-9 in circumstances of risky to five in five in the last 10 actions.

This is not the tale of management places how the Hawks typically. It is the opportunistic tennis and great goaltending, which is great to have doing work for you, but continues to be a risky way to reside. I do not think the Hawks want to know if it’s maintainable not maintainable. I do not think the Hawks want the Corsi For Various meats Kane continues to be more than three factors from his profession frequent.

Blues • The Doldrums defeat the Blackhawks in the year operator 5-2 in Chicago, il. They divided two regular-season actions at Scottrade last year and divided four playoff actions there. The Doldrums have won successive actions for initially since the first three actions of the year. … The Doldrums have just one power perform objective in their last six actions, protecting 21 possibilities. … Mike Allen will begin in objective for the Doldrums.

Blackhawks • After the 3-3-1 begin, the Blackhawks have won six successive factors and took a three point cause over the Doldrums. Chicago, il is second in the group in objectives acquired with 47 and also has the second biggest objective distinction to 14. The eliminating of the group once-anemic value enjoying much better and murdered 18 of its last 19 after have started the year avoiding only 12 of 26. Artem Anisimov delivers the group in factors with 17 (8 objectives, 9 assists).

Injuries • Doldrums – D John Bortuzzo (lower body), D Fergie Edmundson (upper body) are out. Blackhawks – F Tyler Motte (lower body), D Trevor van Riemsdyk (upper body) are out.

I think they should comprehend their puck ownership action and the trainer should accomplish better stability between its four collections before Artem Anisimov quit directing his inner Crosby Crosby.

Wait, are you amazed that this town can not arrange a celebration of one team? You must be new here.

Speaking of Ross, Joe Maddon started Willson Contreras in Game 7 of the World Sequence because of his bat, and of course Ross homered and changed. The plan of the administrators and the football gods have a good laugh.

“Saturday Night Stay.” Dropping on. Kimmel. She. Some of the most famous titles of the Pups have taken some of the most famous reveals. So that results in Travis Timber with, what, “Duck Dynasty?”

It’s all from top to bottom from here, Sports.

Vinnie Hinostroza is one of the few near-constants on the 4th range and to some extent personifies the whole device. When he’s on the ice (generally in smooth minutes), enemies out-Corsi Chicago by 15 activities per time. Yet the objective differential is 1-1.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ common way of managing these poor hyperlinks has been two-fold. First, head trainer Fran Quenneville blends and suits his collections. He combinations sluggish and more powerful gamers, making it more difficult for competitors to manipulate poor matchups. Second, Bowman has usually been effective at the business due date. The GM delivers in lease gamers to coast up poor areas at a point in the season where only a small section of their wage matters against the cap.

The Chicago Blackhawks won their 6th directly activity on Weekend, conquering an starting cause by the Facilities Celebrities and eventually triumphing in extra time. The achievements pressured the team to 9-3-1 on the season, which is an excellent start for any team. It’s a particularly powerful starting for a team with the wage cap problems the ‘Hawks have had over in latest decades. Continue reading “Depth issues have closed the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup Window?”