Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman

Your key to the Blackhawks project this weekend: It does not matter.

Not for this team. Not now. No, if they prepare an opponent’s defense project, choosing it from the first round.

Yes, the Hawkers need defenders who can take shelter from team albatrosses such as Brent Seabrook, as well as the inexplicable distaste of a coach like Stanley Cup winner Michael Kempny, apparently yes, and if it was the NFL, you’d need a starter . It is expected to be completed with the eighth general sketch, as Bears did with linebacker Rohane Smith in the same place, but that’s not the point, especially when it comes to defensive players, so do not look at it this way, because whoever gets developed will be here for several years and this need may change through the trade or development of other players who were called, yes, a few years ago. Continue reading “With No. 8 draft pick, lots of options for Blackhawks GM Bowman”