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Corey Crawford and … Collin Delia?

Could this be a goal combination for the Chicago Blackhawks next season?

The way Delia played in Rockford IceHogs this season – especially the first two rounds of the Calder Cup Cup, when he won 7-0 with 99.48 percent savings and 1.64 goals – compared to the average – it seems that possibility.

“I do not know my path,” Delia said after Jeff Glass made 28 records in the fourth game Rockford’s Game 4 in Texas in the finals of the Western Conference. “In some ways it’s not in my hands, but I can control my effort on the ice and how well I play. All the other decisions that are above my head, I just have to give it up.”

Although Delia fought in Indy, he still got a phone call to Rockford on November 5. After several cruises between two franchises, he took a job at IceHogs at the end of December, when Berube was wounded.

Delia, like Glass, told us in the Blackhawks locker room earlier this season, she was amazed at how the coach of the goal team Peter Aubry helped develop his game at Rockford.

“It just made me aware of the level of detail that is successful, not just here, but ultimately in the NHL,” Delia said.

Although it was difficult – especially after the difficult beginning of Indy – Delia stopped worrying about numbers and focused on how she played.

“The game slowed down,” said Delia, who defeated in Rockford 17-7-3 in the regular season with a .900 rescuer. “I could have been a little more intelligent about how I prepared myself, and I was not so worried about how I intended to keep the record.

“It was as I know I will be there, just go and play.”

As good as Delia, he quickly hit Texas, the Rockford team is trying to overtake in the finals of the Western Conference.

Game 6 is Monday, and Glass will most likely win net for the third straight competition after Delia has allowed 13 goals in Games 1-3. Delia’s rebound control has become a problem, and the Stars have provided a few cheap goals that helped them take control of the series.

Now let’s go back to the original question: can Delia realistically create a Crawford backup?

Perhaps, but it would probably take summer and / or general manager, Stan Bowman, who would carry out Forsberg or Berube. All three are signed until 2018-19.

Most goalkeepers must cut their teeth at AHL or abroad before becoming the best player in the world.

It is obvious that Delia could have used at least a year or two at Rockford before Hawks would consider granting him 20-25 games as backup.

“I understand what you are saying,” Delia said, when I asked him if he agreed with this line of thought. “It is important.

“I talked to Crow in a training camp, and he just has such superiority to him, which apparently results from some trials and torments, going through the system and patience, putting in a job, and still improving, even if sometimes.” you are frustrated with where you are.

“You always want to do better and be something more, it is always an impulse to develop, and with it it was obvious and it was something that I could see when talking to him.”

Mark Bernard, senior director of Hawks on Minority Unions, said the problem would be developed in September and October. He did not exclude that Delia leapt to Forsberg and Berube, pointing to Juus Sarros of the Nashville Predators as an example of a young goalkeeper who spent time in both leagues, refining his skills.

“It’s important for young goalkeepers to see the games,” said Bernard. “Nashville did a great job this year, Saros rode him back and forth, and when he did not play in Nashville, he went downstairs and played for Milwaukee.

“But we will allow a training camp to settle all these things.”

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