The world of hockey is all delighted with the finale of the Eastern Congress in the Eastern Conference 7 between the capitals and the Lightning. Let’s dwell on some great games of the Chicago Blackhawks Game 7.

Despite the fact that in Chicago Blackhawks lands in the past few weeks were calmer, the Stanley Cup playoffs are silent. Tonight the Washington capitals will travel to Florida to take the lightning in Tampa Bay in the game of the 7 finals of the Eastern Conference.

Many fans will remember the latest game 7 against Detroit, but the first win in Game 7 won in 1965 in Detroit Olympia. After finishing 3-2 in the series, Black Hawks returned to Chicago with such star players as Stan Mikita, Bobby Hull, Pierre Pilot and Phil Esposito, hoping to put several goals against the Red Wings. They will rise and score 4 goals, while Glenn Hall launched the “Wings”, earning 4-0 home wins and setting the final game 7.

In Detroit, “Black Hawks” were able to overcome the “Red Wings” 4-2 in Game 7, earning the first win in Game 7 in franchise history. Winning will lead to another game 7 in the Stanley Cup final against the Montreal Canadiens, which the “Hawks” will eventually lose with a score of 4: 0.

Six years after their first victory in Game 7, the Black Hawks were in another game 7, in which the winner continued to play in Montreal in the Stanley Cup final. After Bobby Hull won the game 5 in overtime to give Hawks the lead in the 3-2 series, the team could not close the series in Game 6 in New York in a game that lasted three times. “Black Hawks” will play the game 7 on their home ice in the Chicago Stadium.

After they could not close their Final Fantasy Semi-Final in Game 6 in Minnesota, the Blackhawks returned to the stadium in Chicago to keep their season alive. Having completed 1-0 after the first period, two Blackhawks would light the lamp twice in the second period to put the team in position to advance to the next round.

The victory will put the “Hawks” on the match against the “St. Louis Blues”, which will lead us to the next victory in the game 7.

Just as before, the Blackhawks were unable to close their opponent in Game 6, and the Blues and Blackhawks returned to the stadium in Chicago to decide who will play Edmonton Oilers in the final of the conference.

This one was not close. Jeremy Roenick scored twice in Game 7 for the second time that the postseason before the first period even ended, giving the “Hawks” 2-0 at the intermission. Goals Steve Larmer, Denis Savard and Dave Manson gave Chicago a 5-0 win in the middle of the game.

The Blues eventually put two goals, but the Hawks even beat them in the second half of the game, scoring three times in the 8-2 final score. The game included 51 penalty minutes and helped to divide the division’s rivalry, which continues to this day.

Do yourself a favor; sit back, relax and watch the battle with the blues in late April 1990. It is beautiful. (Game 7 starts at 32:14):

After falling 2-0 with two home losses in their first quarterfinal match against Toronto in 1995, the Blackhawks will crack three wins in a row to take a series of leaders. “Hawks” would have lost in overtime in Game 6 in Toronto, creating Game 7 at the United Center in Chicago.

Denis Savard opened the scoring just for the middle of the first period, but a goal against Dave Andrechuk with three minutes in the period when the two teams tied 1-1 during intermission. Eric Weinrich will score the race for the second goal within three minutes to play during this period, and the “Hawks” were 20 minutes from the movement.

Patrick Sharpe scored at the beginning of the second period, and the Hawks entered the third period 20 minutes from the Western Conference finals, but Henrik Tsetterberg’s goal in just 26 seconds before the third period tied the game.

Later it turned out that Jonathan Toes told his teammates in the locker room that between schedule and overtime, that they just need to win the game twice, and Blackhawks did just that. Less than three minutes before the overtime, Dave Bolland hit Gustav Nyquist against the boards in the neutral zone and released the puck for Brent Seabrook.

Skating with the puck no one around him, Sybrock went into the Detroit area and fired outside, which bounced off Niklas Cronwall’s skate and defeated Jimmy Howard high. The goal sent the United Center into insanity and held the Blackhawks in their playoff campaign, which will end in a month in Boston with the second victory of the Stanley Cup in four seasons.

Entering the third period ahead 4-1, the knuckles became slightly whiter when Cory Perry scored to make the game 4-2 with just under 10 minutes. But the power of Brent Seabrook’s ball was over in less than two minutes, but the game ended and Blackhawks will move to the second Stanley Cup final in three years.

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