In considering the penalty killing of the Blackhawks Jersey, you can see on your record of 3-3-1 in two ways: Registration is mediocre because of it, or is still receiving points despite it.

No matter how you look, however, the discomfort of the penalty killing has to stop.

In seven games this season, the Blackhawks penalty killing has allowed 14 goals in 26 opportunities. Through his first seven games last season the Blackhawks were shorthanded 18 times, allowing three goals.

As for the general stations, the Blackhawks allowed 46 power-play goals over 82 games last season. The massacre left a meager 35 goals during the 2014-15 and 46 goals in 2013-14 season.

Yes, the Blackhawks know that is a big problem and we talked about it and worked on it. So far, just they have not seen the results on it. Some have come faceoffs. Some have come a long distance. Some have gone rebounds. Not seem to matter what they do: get goals scored. The Blackhawks keep going back to the drawing board until we restore that penalty killing, the normal rate of success.

“We talked a lot about the way we are forcing the ice, the way we are forcing the neutral zone, forcing the inputs, how we are moving together as units, personnel changes,” the coach said Joel Quenneville. “We’ve tried a number of different looks in the end, as pairs at the front. We’re trying to find something clicked. Have not yet managed the trust in which you feel comfortable with almost any pair this time. I hope we can get the stable.

“We know the importance of influencing the outcome of matches and sometimes can win a game for us. But it was a real negative so far,” Quenneville said. “We got through three in a row there. Hopefully this is the start of something positive.”

The Blackhawks ended the last three criminal who took against the Calgary Flames on Monday night. It was a confidence boost for a group that needed it, and now have to repeat more often.

“We keep our feet moving. We were working. Our shifts were 20 to 30 seconds tops,” said Jonathan Toews. “By going so short that has the power to home work and play to compensate for being a man down. Yeah, I mean, I think that’s the key right there, and I think our systems fall into place when all we are moving and everything is skating in the right way. ”

Artem Anisimov said that the three deaths were successful “intense”.

“We skating. We fail so long to create in our area,” said Ansimov. “It was like, always clear. We clean the disc 200 feet and was a success.”

The Blackhawks have been talking about “small steps” regarding the fine for killing the latest games. Killing three in a row on Monday night could be one, but it means nothing if you allow another in their next match. The penalty killing has been broken. The Blackhawks to keep trying to fix it.

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